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5 Ways To Thank Your Web Developer

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While commodity-based development packages are going the way of the dodo for serious entrepreneurs, businesses are instead developing long-term relationships with their web developer for applications and SEO.

Although the monetary compensation has likely been determined from the beginning, your web developer will likely go the extra mile many times over in working to meet or exceed your expectations over time. Here are a few nice ways to thank them for their efforts!

1.) There are probably gillions of “drag & drop” templates for apps and websites that are free or obtainable for a ridiculously low price. These cut & paste nightmares are highly duplicatable, proprietary, and trendy with very limited regulations on content and functionality. If you have a developer who writes or customizes your media manually, you’ve found something else altogether. This person has likely spent many years learning programming and scripting languages, design and advertising best practices, and more. Show them and their work respect with your attitude as well as your wallet. Answer their correspondences as soon as possible to provide reviews or other required data. Be courteous, value their time, and treat them like the professionals that they really are.

2.) When you’re happy with their work, let everyone know! Every web developer appreciates new business and potential customers who come by word of mouth most of all. Most developers feature their work on some online portfolio which is likely driving visitors to your media. Why not return the favor? Sending some business to your developer is a great way to share a recommendable person to others who are searching for the same success. Most developers will reciprocate in kind if they haven’t already.

Chocolate for Developers3.) Today’s business happens largely online with billions of active social media users. Make a post or two showcasing your new media with a thank you and a link to your developer. This is a lasting way to show your appreciation while recommending your developer’s services to other entrepreneurs. Type out their title and web link and make a personal statement about some of the more positive accomplishments with your project(s).

4.) Don’t forget to share the love! Let your web developer know about compliments that you receive about their work. Send them a handwritten testimonial that they can feature to prospective customers along with an approved photo of yourself. Providers of intangible assets rely heavily on word of mouth referrals and online testimonials to convey their aptitude and experience. If they signed an NDA, be sure to recommend them for white labeled outsourcing.

5.) Nothing shows your appreciation more than your own return business. Keep your developer in the loop with your upcoming projects and don’t be afraid to ask for advice on integration to existing elements. Email instead of calling whenever possible and provide written data in typed formatting (not image scans). When you need a phone conference, email first to schedule it ahead of time. Many developers are juggling multiple tasks and deadlines and appreciate the courtesy.

Learning to break into spontaneous song and dance and baking chocolate pies and cakes are also highly recommended, however, not absolutely necessary. Have you thanked your developer today? 🙂

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Eliyahna is a full-time web developer and designer and the CEO of Eliyahna Creative, LLC.