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Website Design

Website Anatomy

Website Anatomy 101

The clients I’ve met over the years have had a wide variety of knowledge regarding a website’s anatomy. Some are super savvy side-line coders and others are more like the analog type and know nothing of the internet aside from email. Most are somewhere in between the two with a working knowledge of some of the basics and maybe a few intermediate terms. One trend I’ve noticed when discussing web design with a new client is that they often don’t know how to explain their chosen alterations because they’re not sure how to describe the area of interest. I’ll talk here about the anatomy of a website’s exterior and explain the most common sections, elements, their names, and their functionalities.

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free web tools

Free Web Tools

Everyone loves free web tools.

Here’s a list of some useful tools that are absolutely free and some of which are useable right over the web. If you’re a website owner but not necessarily a web developer or web designer, many of these free online tools will come in handy and save you time or money. Sometimes, they’re just fun or faster than their alternatives. What are some of your favorite free online tools?

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Digital Terms

Web Development Terms Defined

Web Development Terms Defined

Over the years, a huge variety of people have come to me for a website or application from all walks of life. The transition from not having a great website to getting the new build should be a smooth one with lots of happy milestones. There are sometimes web development terms or concepts that can seem complicated at first for the analog person, so I wanted to compile something especially helpful for them.Read More »Web Development Terms Defined