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Why you shouldn’t buy a website for your business?!

Buying A Website

Why you shouldn’t buy a website for your business?!

 You’re probably thinking we’ve lost our minds. But it’s true!  Don’t ever buy a website for your business. It’s a losing proposition for quite a few reasons. First off, your website is not a commodity, it’s an integral part of a greater process. The belief that “if you build it, they will come” has been proven false over and over again. Buying a website as a stand alone “product” does nothing but provide an online flyer that no one ever sees. Owning a website alone is sort of like owning an empty car body. It might have a great paint job and potential for capacity, however, without a properly integrated motor and fuel system and a mechanic with the experience to put it together and maintain it, it’s going nowhere fast. The same holds true for your online web presence.


When considering your digital agenda, don’t stop at the pages and ecommerce functionality. If your webmaster or service provider is offering you a great build without the fuel system, you’ll be back at the drawing board when it comes to putting that build to good use. Before choosing a webmaster or agency as your e-marketing provider, you’ll need to ensure that they’re including every element required to make the project a success. A website is more than a simple business card for reference on the internet. A website is a revenue generating point of contact for customer conversion. If your website is not designed, developed and used as an integral part of an online marketing campaign that will funnel potential customers to your business’ front door, the entire exercise of designing a webpage or website is pointless.


Every new build should include a multifaceted marketing program that will facilitate your business’ needs in obtaining the exposure required to facilitate conversion. The rules are always changing and your competition restructures their initiatives accordingly. In order to stay competitive in the online ranking game, your SEO, PPC and social media marketing services require constant supervision and structure alteration on at least a monthly basis. Online marketing plays a crucial part in exposing your goods and services to your targeted audience world wide. Your webmaster is the best person to put this process to practice since these efforts are all integrated within your site’s coding. If your website provider does not have any knowledge or experience with online marketing or doesn’t include any marketing for your new build, you may wish to reconsider approval and locate a provider instead who has this knowledge and expertise.


While a great website with stellar marketing will blast your business off nicely, your ranking will still drop without the proper website maintenance. Deprecated code, broken links and outdated content will not be given top rank on any search engine or directory. Fresh content in the form of relevant articles and documents should be added to your site on a regular basis since fresh content is re-ranked. A website that does not have the proper content will not achieve the desired result from an online marketing or networking campaign. Buying a website as a stand alone “product” does nothing but provide an online flyer that no one ever sees. Problems created by malware, old or broken coding can get your website banned from being listed altogether and have to be immediately addressed at the appropriate time. Is your website provider offering ongoing maintenance to ensure your site and server are up to date and secure? This is an important issue that shouldn’t come as a balloon expense only after things have piled up to the point where you are paying a heavy price later on down the line.


So why shouldn’t you buy a website for your business? With so much to think about regarding maintenance, marketing, advertising, code and server security and updating as well as regular backups and content integration you need more than someone who “sells websites.” Buying just a website will become more of a liability than a benefit without the accompanying services and expertise required to keep your digital “vehicle” winning races over your competition and standing the test of time.


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Eliyahna is a full-time web developer and designer and the CEO of Eliyahna Creative, LLC.