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How To Know If You Need A New Website

When do you need a new website?

Every website owner comes to realize pretty quickly that truly, a website is never complete.


You can think of different improvements constantly whether they be code or design related. A website is an ever evolving conglomeration that grows with your business needs and digital technology every day. The use of mobile devices has greatly impacted the need for a proper design online.

Aside from personal preference, when do you really need to replace your website? A completely new build may not be necessary. Fortunately, sites built on what is called a “content management system” which use a database like WordPress or Joomla can most times get by with a new template integration. A new template installation and formatting would leave the current content intact while changing the appearance, element arrangements, and enhancing functionality.

Here are a few reasons to consider an overhaul or new build:

  1. Your site is not responsive to mobile devices 60% of your visitors are now showing up on something other than a desktop computer. Your site needs to do more than just shrink really tiny. It should have an alternative layout that is optimized for mobile viewers.
  2. Your code is deprecated  While a website written in an expired coding language version might still look okay to the eye, search engines will not rank these dinosaurs since too many of the newer viewing devices are not able to utilize them correctly. If your code has been compromised by hackers, your site can be cleaned or rebuilt and replaced.
  3. No call to action If your website doesn’t tell the visitor who you are and what you want from them on the top section of the front page, you need a redesign. Again… the popularity of mobile devices have done away with long-winded explanations and stories. You need to make your point fast from the first page load. Contact information should always be included there as well.
  4. Too much text or whitespace Nobody wants to have to read war and peace on their cell phone. Visitors who have to scroll through huge sections of text or whitespaces will become frustrated and will likely, click away. Keep your sections tight and make your margins responsive using percentages instead of hardcoded spacing. Use collapsible sections or excerpts with links to more information.
  5. You’re not getting a return If your website design is not accomplishing what you built it for, of course, you might consider a new build. Consider the possibility that your current site could be optimized for better search engine optimization or visitor flow as well. A/B testing can be used to determine the best path to guide the viewer through from arrival to purchase or contact.

If your site has any of the problems listed above or you just want something more beautiful, functional or competitive for the new year, contact me. I’ll be happy to work with you toward achieving your online goals and would love to surpass your expectations.


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Eliyahna is a full-time web developer and designer and the CEO of Eliyahna Creative, LLC.