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Function vs Form… for Profit

function vs form

Function vs Form… for Profit.

Most people believe that what they need to succeed online is to have the most beautiful website. While beauty and aesthetic appeal are important, they are not always required to turn a profit. Craigslist, for example, generates millions of dollars per year but looks extremely unappealing. While still profitable, many people do not feel safe and the sparse design sends them back to search for something that looks a bit more trustworthy.

While a brilliant design can be magnetic and attract some tire-kickers, content ultimately remains the most imperative factor to consider. Are they finding what they expected to see? Can they accomplish any short or long-term goals that bring them closer to their objective?

The best website will marry something both from design and function to not only further success online but offline as well.
Professionally designed media that feature a consistent representation of your brand will go a long way to ensure potential clients that you care about your business enough to put the time and/or money into this venture. It reflects your work ethic as well as your perceived value. Anyone can throw up a Wix or Shopify site online and be here today and gone tomorrow. What function vs form impression does your site lend about your journey as an entrepreneur?Functionality is very important once the visitor arrives and must be clearly guiding your potential customer at least a little further toward that end goal whether it be to utilize your services or to purchase your products. Make sure your website is filling that need.

Form and function alone, however, will not generate revenue automatically. A superior layout with the best sales funnels will fail without a good attitude, a hard-working commitment to bringing the best value to your customers and the willingness to go over and above to achieve a strong reputation. After obtaining a site that has a strong sales funnel designed to draw visitors in the direction you require that is both beautiful and functional, you need to make it visible. Millions of people have pretty, functional websites that sit like paperweights where no one finds them.
Search engine optimization and submission along with networking to backlink with relevant businesses in your genre and community, coupled with a good social media presence are usually key for good function vs form. If your website is not meeting your current objectives, don’t be afraid of change. Allow a professional web developer, designer, and SEO to put their skills to work for your success online.