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Basic benefits for you & your audience

Website Design

Your site is so much more than just an online “flyer”

The internet affords many benefits that are not available in print form such as visitor interactivity and engagement as well as the analytics used to diversify, save and make available specific user preferences and the benefits of behaviors gathered during visits. A real competitive edge can be gained by using these elements to address future users and to outperform your competitors. More than just a “thing” or an optional commodity, your website should be a representative of your company’s message twenty four hours per day seven days per week. If you’re featuring something trivial and temporary such as a lemonade stand or a one time event, a cookie cutter website made with proprietary templates can be a quick fix but the site used to represent your business to the world should be much more.

Where am I?

If your site’s front page leaves viewers wondering where they are or what your company is about, they’ll typically click away to a different resource that seems more instantly relevant. Take the time to ensure that your message, product or service is showcased from the get-go. Straight forward language and imagery should be used to convey your business’ offerings in a well organized and easy to understand manner on any size device. Questions should be answerable from the very first page to avoid the absolute necessity of browsing further… a phone number, email and possibly mailing address should be presented on the top-fold of the site along with showing your hours of availability on the page.

What do I do here?

What do you want from your visitors? Do you want to just share your location, products or services? Would you like to obtain their contact information for further relationship development? Do you want them to buy something online? Whatever the intended function of your site in relation to your business, make your goals a reality by providing incentive driven calls to action on the first view. Don’t make the viewer scroll two or three fold or have to search to locate hidden navigation venues to locate the interaction required. This will lower your bounce rate (where visitors arrive and quickly leave) and engage your audience in a more meaningful and lasting way.

Why should I return?

Return visitors can be useful and profitable. Personal account logins with activity summaries, newsletters featuring the first few lines of text and “read more” links to drive the reader back to the site, social media posts, special announcements and member benefits are just a few ways to ensure that your visitor will come back. Return users typically share sites they like with friends and family. Offer relevant and truly valuable incentives to ensure continued engagement with your online viewers while providing ways to share and further engage using social network sharing and announcement sign ups.

Don’t forget, a website is more than just a “flyer” in more ways than one. Besides the consideration of the interactivity factors, a website’s design has to ensure a smooth flow from arrival to interaction completion according to a human perspective. Limiting the page to just textual elements will bore the viewer and will bury your messages together in an indescribable heap. Links and navigational elements should be shaped like “buttons” that users will be drawn to click. Whitespace is important along with the harmony of the colors used throughout. Shapes and imagery should be applied in a manner that will help to convey your company’s brand, product or message instinctively.

These are some of the elements that along with search engine optimization and worthy and relevant content will work together to ensure that your web page takes advantage of some of the key benefits available through the world wide web. Contact us for more information on best and proven practices to improve your business’ online presentation at