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Sales Funnel Surgery – From Landing to Sale

Sales Funnel

A truly effective sales funnel is much more than a web form and a thank you page… so let’s do some sales funnel surgery. In fact, I would guess that there are millions of pages on the web that feature forms and thank you page elements, yet are not anything like a sales funnel. There are very deliberate aspects included in the arrangement of a sales funnel that merit the definition. The goal is to “funnel” the visitor effortlessly toward the main objective… whether it be to buy now, get more info, or sign up for news and announcements.

Sales Funnel SurgerySo what would drive your visitor to get from A to B on your landing page? The sales funnel is so much more than a form. A proper sales funnel is comprised of an argument. An argument on why the potential customer should proceed with the purchase or sign up. You must first ensure that you’ve stated who you are and what you’re offering in a clear and attractive manner. Then why should the visitor purchase from you specifically?

A quick carousel of the logos of businesses or individuals who’ve been pleased with your product or service, like testimonials will solidify your capability in this endeavor. A couple of images to display examples of completed work or customers happily using the product or service can also go a long way.

Make the offer worthwhile with something in return for the visitor. For example, a coupon for $10 off the first visit, product, or service in return for a newsletter signup can be helpful.

Use clear verbiage. Tell the visitor what you want them to do in a definite way. Blatant instructions like “buy now”, “join now”, or “type your email here”, get a higher percentage of engagement than forms that do not instruct the user how to proceed.

Sales Funnel SurgeryIf you’re looking for an inquiry, make things short and simple. Leave the details for the resulting conversation when you are immediately present to offer answers more in-depth. A sales funnel should be comprised of an easy to manage presentation without long diatribes of text or multiple videos slowing progress with device loading and sending impulse visitors away to something more engaging.

Yes, the buttons and interactive elements should stand out, but that doesn’t mean that the rest of the page should be drab. Don’t be afraid of color and brilliance. A professional design will attract most viewers to look deeper and also gives the reassurance of competence. A/B testing is a terrific way to find the design that works best for you. Try different colors, titles and phrases, images, and elements over time, then compare their conversion results to put together the finished page. Include Google analytics to help with testing based on user demographics and viewing devices.

Put all of this together to get the most of your sales funnel design. Compare your design to your top competitors but don’t be afraid to keep it original! Who knows… tomorrow, your top competitor might be working to emulate your success!

As always, we’re here to help! Contact us at Eliyahna Creative to get your perfect sales funnel setup today.