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How content is king on your website

Content Is King

There’s no question that with Google’s superior algorithms and AI that content is king on your website.

Using the volume and depth of content to provide a better and more complete experience for your visitors is the best way to ensure a high ranking for your chosen keyword or key phrase. And since content is king that’s understandabe!

Imagine if you needed to learn more about a specific product or service and you were typing searches online. Would you rather be presented with a couple of flash cards, a pamphlet, or a book? The beauty of presenting data on the world wide web means that you can offer all three! And why not? Offering all three alternatives will satisfy the curious, the researcher, and the buyer alike which broadens your site’s exposure and demographics.

Content Is KingIt does make sense to include as many details as possible about your product or service, in elements sized for easy consumption. For example, instead of including the entire manual on how your product works right down to the blueprint on your product page, you can offer a list of trouble-shooting facts that are linked to more detailed explanations on application and production. Not everyone wants to read through pages and pages of text just to locate the bit they’re searching for. Hiding the majority of it behind a carousel or drop-down element will save space and keep things better organized. These are options that couldn’t be done with traditional printed media that are not only possible but expected in the digital world. It’s important to remember that even just a few pages of text on a desktop or laptop computer, turn into a 500 page expose on a smartphone.

The biggest mistake that website owners make is in assuming that the visitor knows everything that the owner knows about the product or service. Because of this misconception, they tend to leave out text entirely, depending on image heavy representation with little or no definition. The most important elements to remember on the top fold of your website are who you are, what you offer, and a buy now button or contact link. Although these three pieces sound simple, you’d be surprised how many websites do not include them. Check the top fold (the top 1/3rd) of the next few websites you find online. Do they provide those three simple elements? Have you ever arrived at a website and wondered what you were supposed to do there? These are the kinds of mistakes that can keep a site from ranking search engines. Valuable content will help you sell. It helps your ideal clients find you and makes it easier for them to buy from you. It’s an opportunity to position your company as the place to turn to when the time comes to buy.

A web designer or developer can assist you in ascertaining the most popular keywords for your business genre and help you to present your data in a way that will help you rank with the search engines while providing a smooth and completed user experience. To succeed with content marketing, in addition to high-quality content, a strategic approach is helpful. A content strategy can be accomplished with content auditing, goal setting, planning, creation and publishing, and sharing. Analytics can be used to determine at which point in your presentation the viewer clicks off or leaves the page so that those areas can be better refined for greater engagement. Over time, these insights and alterations to your site’s pages will reshape your presentation into something that creates excitement, interactivity, and a higher return on investment.

Content SearchNot only is good content great for search engine optimization or SEO, but it also encourages interaction. Someone who finds what they’re looking for again and again will not only revisit but will also consider purchasing something which raises your return on investment. Offering content that will help your buyers better understand how to apply your product or service will add value to your offering. All of these advantages add up to a more profitable presence which will foster growth in multiple areas that will combine to get your business to grow faster.

With satisfied customers who are engaging more often and business growth increasing, having good content is a win-win situation! The community will be enriched by your contributions to your business genre and you will be rewarded with a growing base of clientele. Keeping content fresh is paramount so featuring your latest achievements, offerings, and blog posts on a regular basis are usually enough to keep things moving. Use your blogs and social media channels to bolster your website content and to create a culture by becoming the voice of your brand.

Positive copy with engaging graphics and relevant data will outrank the competition every time. We’d be happy to assist with your online presence, appearance, ranking, and reputation. Give us a call or contact us regarding your online projects or campaigns for the best return on investment any time.