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Web Development

What Is A Website?

What is a website exactly?

What is a website and what’s involved in owning one?

In 2017, most of us have an idea of what a website looks like and what it can do for a business. A website is much more than a flyer or a printed brochure because with the interactivity afforded by the Internet, the website is something more like an Read More »What is a website exactly?


How much should a first time website cost in 2016?

Web design is a vast arena not unlike many services that are offered to business owners. There are novices and there are professionals, there are great developers and there are hacks, there are extremely expensive websites and there are low cost alternatives. The idea of this article is to give the audience an idea of what to expect in service, price and expertise.

First we should talk about small business. What does that term mean? For the sake of this article Read More »How much should a first time website cost in 2016?