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Web Simple Websites


Your website serves as the cornerstone of this presence, and investing in top-notch web design can yield substantial returns. At Eliyahna Creative, LLC, we specialize in creating WordPress websites and custom designs that not only reflect your brand but also resonate with your audience. Experience the difference of a well-designed website and harness the expertise of Eliyahna Creative, LLC, to achieve your online goals. Choose an available domain name that describes your product or service, something easy to spell, and something easy to remember. You can choose from many extensions like .com, .net, .biz, .auction, and more. Try to choose at least three available domains. Still have questions? Check our terms of service policy. *Premium domain names must be purchased separately.

Hostinger cloud hosting with CDN and Lightbox Cache

We will install, integrate, and test 3rd party plugins.

WordPress is a content management system that can be used to create a beautiful website or blog. It just may be the most flexible blogging and website content management system (CMS) available. Its wide use for so many applications has made it the most popular web publishing platform today. Your website will NOT be on a server. Your website will be hosted by Eliyahna Creative, LLC or Hostinger Hosting.

Web Simple includes royalty-free photos and every web page will include appropriate and relevant selections. After the build, you may request that images be “swapped out” or changed to something different as many times as you like. You may also submit as many of your own photos, images, and videos that you like as long as you own the copyrights to them.

Yes! We can use your existing logo or your webmaster will work with you one on one to create a stunning and memorable brand for your business. If you already have a logo it can be used as is or even polished for a more modern appearance.

While the site remains on our servers, work can only be done by the team we’ve provided and is included with your subscription (up to 30 hours per year). In order to guarantee site and server security and functionality, third-party or other administrative access is never permitted.

To set up your secure shopping cart system, we’ll just need photos of your products, titles, descriptions, and prices. You can use PayPal, Square, Stripe, or your merchant service account of choice to accept the payments right through your website.

We take care of your site security, server and software updates, as well as SEO readiness. We’ll also change anything you like, as often as you need. *One request per domain at a time at up to 30 hours per year* We’ll change prices, videos, text, colors, products, images, or anything else you need. We’re here to help you succeed! Maintenance requests are completed in the order they’re received within 3 business days. Most changes are completed within 24 hours. If you have an important alteration that needs priority attention, just let us know.

Changes to your site’s pages or shopping cart system must be made through your assigned webmaster(s) so that we can guarantee your website’s security, SEO, and uptime remain intact. To get us to do the work, just request whatever you want and we’ll get right to it! (up to 30 hours per year) You can use your own login credentials to create blog posts, or to respond to visitor comments at your leisure.

If you have a Facebook business page, you can use Facebook Pixel for retargeting ads. Your webmaster will assist you in obtaining the necessary code for your website to tie the two together. Then whoever visits your website, can be targeted with your advertisements in their Facebook streams!

You can request step by step instructions that lead you through logging into the back-end of your website, then writing and publishing your blog post on your WordPress website. You can even write posts ahead of time and schedule them to publish later on whatever date and time you like. If you’re not so great with written instructions, we’ll be happy to call you to walk you through it. We’ll even make your blog posts for you if you request it.

Just email us at from your registered email address to request cancellation. We will stop the billing cycle from processing any further charges and your account will be deleted from the server within 72 hours. There are no contracts or early termination fees. Cancel anytime to stop your billing cycle.

After 24 hours you’ll receive a late notice. After 7 days, your site will be suspended.

If your site is suspended for non-payment, you can simply submit payment to reactivate your account. Your payment for reactivation must be received within 30 days to retrieve your existing website. After 30 days in non-payment suspension mode, your site will be deleted automatically and cannot be retrieved.

We accept major credit cards.

Yes on a yearly basis, unless you pay in advance.

Your new website can be hooked up to tracking or analytics software like Hotjar and Google Analytics so that you can keep track of measurable results and ROI over time. We offer premium SEO as well as other digital marketing packages that can be added to your account at any time.

No. In order to guarantee the security and functionality of our sites and servers, all work is performed by our own senior-level developers and/or designers in-house, including digital advertising or SEO work. A third-party consultation package is available if approved by special request.