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Skylands Animal Sanctuary & Rescue

A Place For Hope.

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The Challenge

The Skylands site was not responsive and needed a fresh design with upgraded coding and features that would appeal to visitors and sanctuary sponsors.

The Goal

We wanted to help Skylands Animal Sanctuary & Rescue get more sponsorships for their animals and spread the word about veganism. They would need pages to sign up volunteers, keep everyone posted on the new animals, a place to feature the animals’ stories, and more with a fresh design on a responsive framework.

The Design

While still featuring their familiar logo, the new design uses a matching color palette and interactive elements for easy navigation and engagement.

Photos of the Sanctuary and the animals and their rescues with streaming video enliven the experience throughout.

Project Summary

Skylands Animal Sanctuary started getting compliments on the new design right away. They now have a lucrative web presence that will provide an ongoing place for supporters to stay in touch that guarantees a return on investment for the non-profit org.

The new site has a shop with merchandise as well as sponsorship options along with community pages and animal stories, photos, and videos. Visitors can learn about veganism, volunteer, and even see tour hours and information any time of year. Push notifications will keep everyone informed instantly about important news and announcements.

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