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Conversion Optimization and How To Achieve it

Online Sales

So you have a beautiful website that’s responsive to mobile devices with a great sales funnel in place to successfully convert all of your traffic to potential clientele… what next?

Is it still possible to improve your website’s customer conversion rate?

First, determine your site’s existing customer conversion rate. This is the total number of leads generated from your website divided by the number of visitors over a certain period of time. For example, if you have 100 visitors per day and 2 of those fill out your form, that is a conversion rate of 2%.

Conversion optimization can be achieved by tweaking many aspects of your site or sales funnel that many site owners aren’t aware of. For example, if the contact form that you’re using to collect visitor information features a submit button that says “Submit”, that button will get fewer clicks than a button that says something like “Sign Up Now”, “Learn More” or “Get More Info”.

Studies have also shown that red buttons are clicked more often than green buttons. Colors, language, font choices and even the shape of the page elements can have a direct impact on conversion numbers.

Because too many choices can work to scatter your visitor’s attention, sometimes taking things away can improve your numbers more than adding new or different content. Removing the navigation bar from your landing page for example, can work to increase your conversion percentages right away by simply narrowing the clicking options down. Remove unnecessary images that take up valuable real-estate above your contact form. Remove images that are obviously “stock” images that do little to add aesthetics but draw attention away from the form.

Be sure to include a clear bold headline with a short paragraph of copy. A subheading with some bold elements thrown in to draw attention to and confirm key features might not look as clean but it can actually increase your conversion by up to 35%.

Arrange your landing page copy and key phrases to match the ad that directed the viewer to this page. Something like “You’ve Arrived!” or “Now for step 2” will also increase conversion.

Videos are a wonderful addition to your sales funnel pages to impart information in a slightly more interactive way, however, placement is paramount. A landing page with the video all the way at the bottom and the signup form all the way at the top of the page will win out over one that is vice versa every time. The objective should be to minimize elements that will draw the user’s attention away from the form or push them down to the bottom of the page.

There are many more tricks to increasing customer conversion optimization on your site besides increasing traffic. If you need help optimizing your sales funnel to increase your customer conversion rates, contact us today!