"Pool Professionals"

The Challenge

IPSSA approached us to request a logo that would represent their Tucson chapter. They wanted to present new branding to their corporate offices for approval consideration. If approved, the new logo would be used to create further digital advertisements as well as print.

The Goal

The ultimate goal was to create a unique logo for the Tucson chapter of IPSSA that represented the corporate brand in a new way. The project was under tight time constraints and would be presented to the board at their monthly meeting in only two weeks.

The Design

The color palette chosen was specifically used to represent the tone and feel of a fresh clean swimming pool. The wavy planes convey the subject perfectly with a splash of red to draw the eye. Lastly, a spotlight was situated from above to highlight the overall conception.

IPSSA Logo Design

Project Summary

The IPSSA Tucson chapter now has a beautiful logo mock-up to present to their corporate officers. All of the members in Tucson had a say in the final design approval which created a feeling of shared pride and ownership. We wish them luck in their future endeavors!