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Free Web Tools. Everyone loves freebies!

free web tools

Everyone loves free web tools.

Here’s a list of some useful tools that are absolutely free and some of which are useable right over the web. If you’re a website owner but not necessarily a web developer or web designer, many of these free online tools will come in handy and save you time or money. Sometimes, they’re just fun or faster than their alternatives. What are some of your favorite free online tools?

Animated GIF Resizer – Resize your animated .gif file without having to tear apart all the frames & layers –

Coding Cheat Sheets – Brush up or look up something specific –

HEX Color Tool – Choose your color and find your HEX code –

Free SSL – Get a free SSL for your website –

Share Link Generator – Generate share links for your website. Great if you don’t have social media accounts of your own –

Photos and Images – Free royalty-free images for all your new creations –

Image Resizer – Resize your photos to any size you like without owning image editing software –

Autodraw – Free drawing for everyone –

Word Counter – Count how many words are in your page or article –

Process Payments – Free signup, for a small percentage per transaction you can invoice, run reports for taxes, and even use recurring billing –

Organize – If this then that will help you keep your tasks flowing smoothly –

Compress PDF – Make your giant, beautiful flyer into something people don’t have to wait ten years to load –

Learn To Code – Learn to code online for free –

Points To Pixels – Approximate conversion from points to pixels –

Difference Checker – Something changed and you can’t find what? Difference checker can help –

Color Eyedropper – Pick a color from anywhere –

Spell Checker – Spell check your website –

Site Map Generator – Create your free sitemap online –

Latest News – Need article ideas? Type in any keyphrase and see what people are saying about it –

Key Phrase Popularity – Enter a keyword, and see the popularity over the past 12 months –

Key Phrase Density Checker – Install this free Google Chrome extension to generate a word cloud and list of keywords and phrases from the web page you are viewing –

URL Shortener – Make long, complicated web page addresses shorter –

Dictionary & Thesaurus – Content is everything. If you’re repeating words or need to verify spelling or definition, these are right online and free to use –

Share & Store Files – Send, share, and store files for group projects –

Like ebooks? Search and download from millions of free PDFs for free –


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